Invokana Amputation Lawsuit: What Is The Problem?

Invokana (canagliflozin) is a new medication that is used in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has uncovered that the treatment may be associated with a doubled risk of leg and foot amputation among patients.

The drug is dangerous because it reduces blood glucose by causing an increase in the amount of glucose dispersed through urine. Since the body’s natural response to glucose that is reabsorbed into the bloodstream is affected, Invokana may represent a serious risk to diabetes patients.

FDA Adds Warning To Invokana Labels

In May 2017, the FDA’s investigation into the risks associated with Invokana led to serious concerns. As a result, the agency added a “black box” warning to all Invokana labels stating that patients on this medication are twice as likely to develop complications that eventually require amputations among diabetes patients.

Some of the most common amputations, the FDA reported, included toe and middle of the foot amputations, but others involving parts of the leg either below or above the knee have also been reported. In some serious cases, patients were submitted to more than one amputation.

The 2016 preliminary investigation into Invokana showed that the drug could increase the risk of amputations when compared to patients on placebo.

Why Are Diabetes Patients At Risk?

There are two main conditions that make “diabetic foot” more likely to occur among patients with Type 2 diabetes.

  • One is poor circulation, which is caused by high levels of sugar in the patient’s blood, causing the vessels to narrow and harden. As a result, this leads to a circulation problem. Without enough blood and oxygen, toes and other extremities do not get enough nutrients and the tissue begins to die.
  • The second is nerve damage. In this case, feet nerves may experience damage, which may lead to decreased sensation. As a result, minor injuries go unnoticed and infections may become more likely. In this case, infections may turn into major health problems.

Since diabetic patients are already at risk of suffering nerve damage and poor circulation, taking drugs that increase the risk of amputations is a serious problem for anyone with Type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, that is the case with Invokana, which should not be used by those who are at risk of experiencing diabetes-related problems.

Diabetes Patients With Foot Problems May Suffer The Following Symptoms:

  • Chronic pain and soreness
  • Darker skin patches
  • Cold skin
  • Infections that spread or that refuse to heal
  • Ulcers

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